On the first of December we had a Christmas party for all our young beneficiaries, 289 children from our Drop-In-Centres as well as the youth from the YOLO program. Every year this is one of the highlights for the kids. In the morning the buses fetched them from all over Mamelodi and brought them to the Moretele Park, a big park in Mamelodi. After the beneficiaries arrived they took over the jumping castles which they really enjoyed.

Afterwards the real program began. The children rendered some activities that they had prepared over the last weeks. Some performed a dance, others a drama, song or speech. There were very different presentations. Pure Entertainment as well as very serious Dramas about challenges in their community. As the Christmas party took place on the World Aids day some of the dramas dealt with the issue of HIV prevention and HIV testing. So the day also rose special awareness of the children about aids.

After the activities the kids got many different kinds of foot. For example, ice-cream, chicken, cake, not forgetting big party packs.

Afterwards the kids where tired but very happy and the buses brought them back home safely.
Thanks to City of Tshwane for providing transport for the kids with buses!