Mamelodi Youth Speak Their Dreams To Tateni

Tateni Community Centre hosted a two days program at the University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus. The program started on Thursday and finished on Friday.

The purpose of the workshop was to gather all the youth of Mamelodi together and find issues hindering them from pursuing their dreams.

“We are here because we want to break the circle of poverty and see how we can help the youth, we created groups so is convenient for them as leaders to travel and attend the meetings”, said Kegomoditswe Mosiane, Youth Development Manager.

Most of the youth were in need of job opportunities, funds for their businesses and to further their studies. Issues that Tateni picked up from the program were, funding for local businesses, access to information, knowledge about career choices, mentors and support through their journey.

The youth development team is looking forward to have meetings and engage more with the youth.

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