Tateni care workers have organsed Art Day for children from their three Drop-in centres. The School includes, Moretele, Tshimollo and Refentse Primary Schools. The event took place at Tshimollo Primary School,  started at 10 am and finished at 13:30 pm.

“We have realized that the kids are creative and love to work with their hands, and organized Art Day for them. The problem we had was that we didn’t have enough materials such as boxes, paint and beats. We don’t want it to be a day thing but we feel that it should happen very often”, said Rancy Marota, one of the care workers. The kids used raw materials  (cardbox, seeds and flowers for decoration), paint beats and boxes to complete their art work. Kids were given party packs after the event. More events with the kids as such are expected to take place very often.