Tateni donated plastic bags to Clean-up My Mamelodi group. The campaign took place on Saturday morning.
The group visited Stanza Bopape secondary school and Stanza Bopape clinic to clean the areas around them.
The group believes that it is important for school children and patient to learn and collect medication at a cleaner environment and it is not safe because children play at the dumping sites.
They want to reduce the level of dumping in both Mamelodi East and West. The campaign started this year March.
The founder, Fortune Zondo said his target is all the schools and clinics in Mamelodi.
Other young Mamelodi entrepreneurs also participated in the campaign. One of the school teachers, Vincent Mampane thanked them for helping with cleaning the school. He also urged the group to come back before the school re-opens next year to assist the school with cleaning. The school care-takers said that they did a great job and would like to encourage other young people in the community to participate in the programme.

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