” A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dream of ” – Nelson Mandela

it is that time of the year when we once more remember the champion of volunteerism , which we are celebrating Mandela day.

Tateni Community Care Services is pleading with you to join and support them in the activities planned for 2019 Mandela week which will be held from Monday the 15th to the 19th of July 2019.
We hereby invite individuals ,friends ,partners , community organisations , business corporates and the community at large to join in servicing the community of Mamelodi.

Our current vision is for Mamelodi being a Community that cares for the vulnerable and believes in and invests in its children and Youth.
Therefore Tateni’s mission is to work with the community ,government and business partners, both locally and internationally, in delivering services aimed at : 
                                       – Caring for the aged who are needy, frail and sick
                                       – Caring for orphans and vulnerable children and preparing them for a better future
                                       – Empowering disadvantaged school leavers and out of school youth to break the cycle of poverty and reach                                                their full potential
Your participating in any of the following activities would be highly appreciated .

Building Maintenance
– Provision of paint
– Painting of offices and classes
Gardening and Surroundings
-Ground cover flower
-Top soil for lawn
– seedlings

Educational and Extra – mural activities equipment
-Soccer kit , Soccer balls
-Netball kit
-Intellectual games such as Chess boards , Darts , snake and ladder , scrabbles and Monopoly
-Hula-hoops and Skipping ropes

School Uniforms
-School shoes for boys and girls
-Jerseys , shirts , skirts or tunics

Youth Development
-Life skills programmes
-Work coaching
-Career Guidance

Generally , for families
-Food Parcel

Do kindly inform us on which activities you would be interested in and your availability .
Donations in cash and in -kind are most appreciated
Remember that every day is a Mandela Day
kindly extend the invitation to family and friends

For any inquiries please contact Ms Rachel Malatji – Tel 012 805 2752 – 012 805 9109