Care and Support Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) (Ages 6 to 18 years)

For the OVC Programme Tateni operates 10 Drop-in centres (After- school care centres) for over 400 OVC in Mamelodi. Eight of these are in Primary schools, one in a Secondary school and the tenth in a church that provide the following services for the children:

  • Serving nutritious meals
  • Help with schoolwork
  • Educational Sport and Recreational activities
  • Psychosocial Support Services both through and outside the Drop-in-centres.
  • This includes the following activities for children and youngsters:
    • Psychosocial and physical needs assesment
    • Child and family counseling
    • Referrals for social care and child support grants
    • Parental support and guidance for child-headed households
    • Educational and recreational outings
    • Counseling and support groups
    • Life skills guidance
    • School subject choice and career guidance
    • Access to further education, work coaching and job placement
    • Extra classes for critical subjects like maths and science
    • Computer literacy classes

Tateni manages to care and support its beneficiaries through donations and sponsorships. We have no income generating projects.

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Recent Events

Tateni Care Workers Organised Art Day For Children

Tateni care workers have organsed Art Day for children from their three Drop-in centres. The School includes, Moretele, Tshimollo and Refentse Primary Schools. The event took place at Tshimollo Primary School,  started at 10 am and finished at 13:30 pm. “We have realized that the kids are creative and love to work with their hands, and organized Art Day for them. The problem we had was that we didn’t have enough materials such as boxes, paint and beats. We don’t want it to be a day thing but we feel that it should happen very often”, said Rancy Marota, one of the care workers. The kids used raw materials  (cardbox, seeds and flowers for decoration), paint beats and boxes to complete their art work. Kids were given party packs after the event. More events with the kids as such are expected to take place very often.

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Tateni Looking forward To Celebrate Heritage Day

Tateni Community Centre is looking forward to celebrate Heritage Day. They chose to celebrate it on the 29th of September with children at the drop in centres. They are expecting less than nine children out of their 10 drop – in centres. Teachers and children are expected to wear clothes of their culture. The event is going to take place at Sediba Sa Thuto Primary School. More updates to follow.

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Boys High Visited St Francis Drop In Centre

Boys High Visited St Francis Drop In Centre Boys High Visited St Francis drop in centre yesterday afternoon (6 September 2017) in Mamelodi West. They came to play with the kids as well as giving them gifts. The gifts include soccer balls, toys and snacks. During their visits the kids performed to entertain them with dancing and singing songs on stage. Drop in centre kids have gumboots dance team and girls choir. “It’s been valuable for the boys, bringing them out of their conform zone. They will give feedback to the school about their experiences. We also raise money for the needy”, said the school MIC and RLC for Pretoria Boys High. The boys confirmed that they came to the drop in centre to play a role of bringing back to the community and seeing the children happy for the gifts that they have received and as well as the boys playing with them. “It is great to see the joy of the children,”, said J.H Dreyer, a grade 11 student form Boys High. One of the boys added that he was amazed by the gumboots dance.    

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Visit at the Environmental Centre

Tuesday and Wednesday (4 & 5th July) we visited the environmental centre in Mamelodi as a holiday program. The children learned how to treat the environmment in a sustainable way. They discussed terms like pollution, littering and recycling by playing different games.

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Birthdays and Holidays

Last Friday the 30th of June we celebrated the birthday of all children who have had their birthday during the last 3 months as usual in all our Drop-in Centres. Additionally it was the last day of school before holidays. The children ate a nice meal with a cake for dessert and got party packs before they went home.

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Children Growing their own Food

Yesterday we had a visitor from GoGrow at our St. Francis Drop-in Centre. Everyone got their own pot and then our kind visitor explained how to plant and grow beetroot, spinach or lettuce. All the children could choose what they want to grow and then plant it themselves. In the end they took it home, with some extra seeds in their bags. In 3-4 weeks we will see what plant is the best and the winners will get prices! Thanks GoGrow for the efford and the donations!

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Recycling workshop Greenpeace

On Monday Greenpeace Africa gave a recycling-workshop for our child-clients at the Saint Francis Anglican Church. The Greenpeace-team started with a play to raise the kids’ awareness of the importance of recycling. Afterwards Greenpeace provided paper and paint so that the children could draw some nice pictures of the nature. And last, but not least, Greenpeace gave every child a cap which they could take home. The children had a very fulfilled and informative day. Thanks!

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Eye Testing

After having an eye testing for all our children in the end of last year, we now had the same for the elderlys at the Tateni Office. Poor vision is often a reason for poor perfomance in school and very difficult to detect at an early stage by care givers, teachers or parents. We, as Tateni Community Care Services through our holistic approach to the children’s developmental wellbeing, have taken it opun ourselves to having professionals assisting us in having an eye test for all our beneficiaries.  

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