Tateni cares and supports for the elderly, they are 33 elders in total with only one (1) Male and 32 Females. The aged are cared for in the family structure of the OVC that is initially forming the basis of the family.

  • The care and support includes biweekly meetings for exercises and handwork projects.
  • Arranging meetings and discussions with the elderly groups in the community.
  • In some instances where the elderly are heads of family, they get assisted with parential skills programme.

20 September 2019 the elderly going for a year outing function in Silverton.


Events in 2016

Grandmothers Gathering

In July 2016 a few grandmothers, who are raising some of Tateni’s orphans and vulnerable children, went on a journey to the Grandmothers Gathering in Durban. The Grandmothers Gathering was it’s first in South Africa and was combined with a protest march for better social support for children orphaned by AIDS and better social grands for the elderly. The march took place on the eve of the 21st International AIDS Conference in order to give crate a positive influence on the members of the Conference.

As not all grandmothers came from South Africa, but from all over the world, especially from Canada, it provided our beneficiaries a great opportunity to get international contact with other women from different cultures. Furthermore, this provided a great chance for exchange of experience about how to deal with their HIV-orphaned children in order to provide the best possible support.

Such gatherings are very important to these grandmothers as everyday life is very challenging with an orphaned child and short-time trips provide the opportunity to get a short timeout, new energy and more and more experience through the exchange of knowledge.

For more information, you can watch the video about the Grandmothers Gathering:



Recent Events

First Meeting of the Elderly 2017

On Tuesday morning we had a meeting with our elderly. They started with morning sports and discussed their plans for 2017.

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Eye Testing

After having an eye testing for all our children in the end of last year, we now had the same for the elderlys at the Tateni Office. Poor vision is often a reason for poor perfomance in school and very difficult to detect at an early stage by care givers, teachers or parents. We, as Tateni Community Care Services through our holistic approach to the children’s developmental wellbeing, have taken it opun ourselves to having professionals assisting us in having an eye test for all our beneficiaries.  

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