The impact of HIV/AIDS combined with the high levels of unemployment and breakdown in family life have left the youth in a particular vulnerable position. This can be seen as the ‘third wave’ of disaster following caring for the dying and caring for child orphans. Young people get no child support; they have to leave the safety and structure of the school system and join the ranks of unemployment. Many young people feel alienated and forgotten by society and turns to gangs, drugs, crime and sex to escape from the hardship of life. This perpetuated the cycle of HIV/AIDS and dysfunctional families. Tateni’s response to these needs is through the Youth Development Programme. This programme aims at equipping young people for adulthood and to “break free” from those forces keeping them locked into poverty.

Moshal scholarship program.

Three selected students going for camping at University of Pretoria, 20 September 2019.


Skills Advancement Training

Life Skills training is aimed at giving the participants an insight into understanding who they are, what are their capabilities and what are their dislikes. The lesson goes deeper to one having to plan for their development, how to communicate and how to manage time. Life Skills lessons motivates the participants on how they see life, how to tackle challenges and how to look at life in another perceptive. Before the department host the Skills Advancement Training (SAT), a screening session conducted. The section has a meet and greet session with the youth of Mamelodi East and West, which then they are told about services rendered by Tateni’s Youth Development Department. After the presentation by the section, the youth were advised to leave their details and further communication will follow. The section’s aim is to clearly elaborate on what services the department provide and the expectations of the participants. The SAT is designed to offer skills necessary to enhance chances employment. The participants are trained for a period of 5-6 weeks.

The trainings are scheduled for 3 days per week for 6 hours per day. In the first week, of the training, the groups start by discussing Life-Skills.

Topic Learning Outcome Time Frame
Life-Skills  -Understanding who you are
 -Time Management
 -Personal Development
 -Communication Skills
1 Week
Introduction to Administration and Project Management Skills  Basics of Project Management:-
 -How to organise and manage a budget
 -Introduction to administration, filling, systems recording
1 Week
Budget and Financial Management Skills  -Drawing a budget, understanding your expenditures
 -Budget deficit and budget surplus
 -Re-allocation of income
 -How to expand your income
3 days
Basic Entrepreneurship Skills  -Understanding entrepreneurship, similarities and variation between a businessperson and an entrepreneur
 -Innovative ideas
 -Types of enterprise, advantages and disadvantages
 -How to generate capital, expenditure and profit 
1 Week
  • Work-readiness Skills
  • Job search skills
  • Work ethics
 What is a CV?
 -Understanding the meaning of CV?
 -Differentiation of a CV and a resume
 -When to use which one?
 -Re-compiling a CV 
 -Skills and experiences to support job application
 -Compelling of a motivational letter
 -Interview Preparation
 -Interview role play
1 Week
Basic entrepreneurship skill and cost management sales  Definition of an entrepreneur
 -Who is an entrepreneur?
 -What influences them to be an entrepreneur
 -Business types
 -Differences between a company, NGO, Sole Proprietor
 -Advantages and disadvantages of the different types of business.
1 Week
Financial Management Skills  Financial fundamentals:
 -Planning and budgeting
 -Cash register
1 Week


Extra Classes for Learners

Tateni offers three Saturday classes a month to more than 150 grade ten and eleven students from three high schools.  Classes run from 08:00 am – 14:00pm and a meal is provided at 11:00.(Unfortunately, the number of learners had to be cut from 200 to 150 because of a lack of resources, and quality maths, science and accounting teachers.) Learners are not only taught an academic curriculum, but also life skills dealing with topics such as safe sex, respect, morals and values, peer pressure, bullying, substance abuse and coping skills. Role models and motivational speakers are invited to encourage and motivate learners to focus on school work; For two weeks during the winter holidays we zoom in on maths and science. Learners are given revision from the beginning of the year to help them pass their exams at the end of the year. The other objective of holiday classes is to occupy their time and stimulate learning, so as to prevent children from otherwise wandering around and becoming easy prey for drug lords and other criminals.


Some of the immediate needs for which contributions and sponsorships are required include:

  • Teachers and tutors for maths, physical science and accounting
  • Catering for 150 learners for two Saturdays a month, as well as 10 days in the June school holidays
  • Overhead projectors
  • Mentors and coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Motivational speakers


Tateni wishes to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of Unisa’s College of Education for the Saturday classes as well as the school holiday camps.  We also thank the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP) who pledged additional finances and resources to include more learners during the June school holidays.



The Programmes of 2016 – 2019


Jumpstart Catalyx program

We successfully hosted several Life skills workshops through Jumpstart Catalyx in 2016. The aim is to recruit, train, asses and place Tateni Beneficiaries and other affected unemployed youth in various stores in Tshwane Metropolitan (Pretoria).
After completing the five days workshops the delegates are sent to various stores around Pretoria for about six days. It is a challenge because most can not afford the transport money. We need to assist them with transport money when they go for evaluation at prospective employers like Mr Price and Spar Supermarkets. Some of the participants are now employed or studying full-time.

The enke: Catalyst Program

From October 2016 until the end of May 2017 our beneficiaries were attending a workshop in cooperation with the enke organization.
The enke: Catalyst Program is a 6-month program for youth currently not enrolled in education, employment or training (ages 18-25) that provides training and practical experience in personal development, social impact and guided coaching for professional development to increase the likelihood of conversion to employment, enterprise, education or training.


Interview with a participant


Refilwe about the Enke and the Jumpstart program:

“I’m Refilwe […] from Mamelodi West. I went to Jumpstart in Mamelodi Lusaka. Basically, what it’s all about is that they train you for the jobs at Mr. Price. What I really liked about it is that you meet new people, you interact with them […] and they also teach you about things in life generally and how to solve conflicts at work, what kind of challenges you will face at work and how to deal with them. You go there for five days, they train you and after that you write a test and after writing a test, if you pass It, you go straight to the interview [at Mr. Price].

After the interview they send you to a store for six days. When you get there they train you for five days everything you need to know about the job. […] After the training on the sixth day you […] write a test. And after writing the test, if you pass It, […] you have to wait for them to call you if there is a post somewhere and after that you get a job.

[…] It really helped me, cause from last year the whole year I’ve been looking for a job but then I wasn’t successful. After going to [the] Jumpstart […] training I only waited two weeks and after two weeks I got a job. So it was really nice!
And then I got to be in the enke programme. […] Basically it’s all about grooming you into becoming a better person and equipping you with the necessary resources to help yourself to improve your life. If you didn’t finish school, they can help you in terms of going back to school or starting your own business. So currently I’m still busy with my project to help my community and also to generate money for myself basically.
Thank you!”

“You Only Live Once” (YOLO) program

Through international support, the Department of Social development has launched a youth development programme called “You Only Live Once” (YOLO).

This programme is funded by MottMac (Mott Construction Company and McDonalds) in the USA. It is a Youth Social and Behavioural Change Communication Programme aimed at building resilience among young people, increase their autonomy, self-esteem and self-efficacy. The Programme is designed for young people from the age of 15 to 24 years. The purpose of this Programme is to empower these girls and boys to resist all temptations that are associated with falling pregnant or taking drugs at this early stage of life.  We recruited 125 learners from four high schools in Mamelodi to participate in the Programme. The Programme consisting of 12 sessions was successfully completed within a week. As this was a pilot, we hope to be appointed to run this Programme during the second phase which will run for 18 months.


Interview with participants of the YOLO program


“What I can say is that we like to thank Tateni for providing us with the nice program of YOLO learning about HIV and teenage pregnancy those kind of things that are affecting our community [..] and Africa in large. Teenage pregnancy is high at school substance abuse. So YOLO got to learn about those things and how to overcome them. So we would like to thank Tateni for giving us such an opportunity to learn. And we are very thankful”
“And we were also invited [to the Chritmas party] and want to say thanks for that as we are here to perform something for this kids” – “that we learned from YOLO” – “[…] so that we can teach them about HIV […]”
“And we are very interested, […] we like to inspire people to join this group.”


Recent Events

Tateni Donates Plastic Bags To Clean-up My Mamelodi Group

Tateni donated plastic bags to Clean-up My Mamelodi group. The campaign took place on Saturday morning. The group visited Stanza Bopape secondary school and Stanza Bopape clinic to clean the areas around them. The group believes that it is important for school children and patient to learn and collect medication at a cleaner environment and it is not safe because children play at the dumping sites. They want to reduce the level of dumping in both Mamelodi East and West. The campaign started this year March. The founder, Fortune Zondo said his target is all the schools and clinics in Mamelodi. Other young Mamelodi entrepreneurs also participated in the campaign. One of the school teachers, Vincent Mampane thanked them for helping with cleaning the school. He also urged the group to come back before the school re-opens next year to assist the school with cleaning. The school care-takers said that they did a great job and would like to encourage other young people in the community to participate in the programme.

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Portia Thobejane Shares Her Testimony With Tateni

Portia Thobejane, 18 years old girl from Mamelodi, started being a member of Tateni youth on the 14/09/ 2017 at our first program at UP Campus, she completed her matric in 2016. At first she did not know what to expect from Tateni but now she’s expecting to start work in November. “I have been trained by Jumpstart for six days and now expecting to start working in November”, said Portia Thobejane. She added that she’s so happy that now she will do something about her life since she will be working and Tateni has helped her achieve her goals. Tateni placed many young people into Jumptart to get trained in order to get job opportunities. Young people who wants to become entrepreneurs will be placed at Impendulo Foundation school where they will be trained as young business men and women.

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Tateni Took 10 Girls To ZambiBush

Tateni Youth Development Team took 10 girls to ZambiBush Resort, in Pretoria on Saturday. The girls were from Ikamvayouth, who is in partnership with Tateni. They assist the youth with improving their high school marks. Tateni decided to take them out for a day to celebrate their achievements despite the challenges they face as young people. “We are here to celebrate their victory as they managed to pass although they are from a disadvantaged background”, said Kegomoditwe Mosiane, Youth Development Manager. According to the girls and the staff, they had a very impressive day together, starting with the view of the resort, activities around the area and they are looking forward to have more trips with the youth from Mamelodi to empower and encourage them throughout their studies. “It was a lovely outings, the event was a success and it is great that we put a smile on their face and be able to make a difference in our youth”, said Julia Rathlogo, Youth Development Coordinator.  

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Mamelodi Youth Speak Their Dreams To Tateni

Mamelodi Youth Speak Their Dreams To Tateni Tateni Community Centre hosted a two days program at the University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus. The program started on Thursday and finished on Friday. The purpose of the workshop was to gather all the youth of Mamelodi together and find issues hindering them from pursuing their dreams. “We are here because we want to break the circle of poverty and see how we can help the youth, we created groups so is convenient for them as leaders to travel and attend the meetings”, said Kegomoditswe Mosiane, Youth Development Manager.                      Most of the youth were in need of job opportunities, funds for their businesses and to further their studies. Issues that Tateni picked up from the program were, funding for local businesses, access to information, knowledge about career choices, mentors and support through their journey. The youth development team is looking forward to have meetings and engage more with the youth.

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