Through personal efforts and sacrifices made by its founder Mrs Veronica Khosa, Tateni was formed in 1995 as a response to the growing need for home-based care and nursing services to the increasing number of HIV/AIDS patients as well as destitute, chronically and terminally ill people who were discharged from hospitals with no alternative mode of support available for them when they are at home. During the second half of the 90s Tateni provided home-based care and support to over 15 000 patients in Mamelodi.

Throughout the years, Tateni tirelessly continued with its home-based care and support to the infected and affected household members where it was subsequently honoured for the following achievements:

  • Recognition by the Provincial Department of Health as a pilot project to train home-based care-givers for the then Community Care-Givers Course
  • The Founder, Mrs Veronica Khosa, being a winner of the Health Category of 2001 Community Builder of the Year
  • Mrs Khosa was also nominated for the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Award in Switzerland in 2002.

“Tateni” is a Nguni word that expresses a mother’s encouragement and support for a child that is learning to crawl, eager to take the first steps in life. This symbolises Tateni’s vision of a caring community that provides support, love and human dignity to all chronically and terminally ill people, and their families, irrespective of diagnosis, age, colour or creed.

From 2002 to 2012 Tateni grew into a mature organisation with a team of 72 staff members (full-time and part-time volunteers).

The growing number of children who were orphaned as a result of their parents who died of HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases circumstantially compelled Tateni to shift its focus towards providing care and support to these orphans and other children who lived under vulnerable (risky) conditions.  However, focusing only on these children did not yield the intended overall positive outcomes because unstable environments in which they live seriously hampered any progress that Tateni was making. It is thus against this backdrop that adopted the entire family as the only best strategy available to normalise the family environment. Tateni was therefore given a new name: “Tateni Community Care Services” inferring that we provide care and support to families and no longer any particular member of the family. We believe that a family is a basic unit of community, and by providing care and support to families, we also are providing a service to the community at large.